Executive Summary

YayYo is an early adopter in the shared mobility economy.  YayYo offers a fleet/inventory based ride sharing service that is changing the approach to how drivers secure a rideshare vehicle.  The YayYo fleet, featuring new model cars, is positioning drivers with a competitive advantage for better customer experience and as a result greater success as rideshare drivers. Rideshare companies have long understood that drivers are the key component to their business success. YayYo will introduce a rideshare standard that treats the driver and the vehicle of great importance with a very high standard for both.

YayYo started with a ride sharing cost comparison app for the global market which was successfully completed but that never entered the market. The company created a platform for Ride YayYo in Los Angeles but exited the rideshare app after further assessment and sharp incline of the competitive landscape. YayYo leveraged their infrastructure and experience to build a platform that would service the rideshare industry rather than compete in it.  YayYo will be the first supplier in the supply-chain relationship in the rideshare industry.

YayYo’s launch of rideshare fleet cars quickly established that there was a high demand for vehicles by rideshare drivers.  We now market using the domain name RideShareRental.com. YayYo identified a growing need for drivers to have a vehicle solution that would be easy to manage as they launch a start up rideshare driver business. YayYo is approaching the vehicle like a business start up asset. The concept of  ”Rent, Drive, Earn” introduces a quick start way of approaching the rideshare driver vehicle. This paradigm shift sets the stage for an entirely new economy of which YayYo is a pioneer in.

YayYo is bridging the gap between drivers who can’t get approved with a rideshare company and the rideshare company whose brand experience depends on attracting and keeping quality drivers. YayYo is the solution to both driver and rideshare company’s challenges.

YayYo is a two-way car-sharing model, meaning the cars must return to the same location.  In addition to operating and managing rentals of a rideshare fleet, YayYo is developing other technologies and services to gain market share and maximize profit. Our strategic vision is to be the first to serve the rideshare driver with goods and services that impact the rideshare consumer experience and that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. This creates a market environment that can be leveraged by brands that want to offer a service that includes the most well equipped driver in the market. This value proposition lets the driver gain more longevity as a driver and will create a more sustainable driver that benefits rideshare brands. YayYo has an impact on the rideshare lifestyle and culture.